Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Scholar of Islam-Dr. Syed Mohammad Hussain Tabatabai

Capabilities of Dr. Tabatabai – A living Miracle

At the age of 2 he could recite the 30th sura of Quran by heart.
At the age of 5 he became Quran Hafiz.
In 1997 he was awarded a doctorate degree (Phd) from University of Coventry. (UK)
He is not only a Quran Hafiz, he is the encyclopedia of the Holy Quran.
He can tell precisely the sura, verse and ayat number of any ayat from the Holy Quran.
He can translate the Holy Quran and explain each ayat in Persian and Arabic.
He has memorised 80 Hadith of Imams and has full knowledge of Nahjul Balagha.
He is now studying in Qom, specialising in Mantiq, the books he is now studying are used by Ulemas and Adults and are described to be extremely difficult.
He is extremely intelligent, like a super human.
His father is from the descendents of Hazarat Imam Hasan A.S.
and his mother is from the descendents of Hazarat Imam Hussein A.S.
and both are Quran Hafiz.

May he always blessed by Allah..he is the proud of ummah..

"Ke arah melahirkan generasi ulul albab"


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